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The Wikco Ankle Exercise Machine

Model 200 Wikco Ankle MachineThe Wikco Ankle Machine is an isokinetic ankle strengthening machine that uses adjustable hydraulic cylinders to provide resistance. Each hydraulic cylinder is adjustable. Resistance level is indicated by the position the cylinder dial is set to.

There are 12 levels of resistance. Setting 1 gives the least amount of resistance, (2-3 ft. lbs. at a velocity in the range of 30 to 60 degrees per second, less at a lower velocity). Normally this is low enough even for patients with recent injuries. Setting 12 has enough resistance for even the strongest athletes (approximately 150 ft. lbs. at a velocity of 90 degrees per second, more resistance at higher velocities).

Safe hydraulic system eliminates unrestrained force, greatly reducing the risk of reinjury during therapy. Hydraulics also provide a smooth motion. Isolate and work muscle groups without overloading other muscle groups.

The Wikco Ankle Machine is designed for rehabilitation of the ankle, and for general strengthening of the ankle for increased athletic performance. Used for years in hospitals, private clinics, physical therapy practices, assisted living complexes, high schools, colleges, professional sports teams, as private home

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he Wikco Ankle Exercise Machine is highly recommended by a variety of professionals.

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Model 200 Standard Wikco Ankle Machine - Price is $799.00 Plus Shipping

(Shipped by UPS, approximate weight is 30 lbs.)